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A step-by-step guide to money management and investing taught by top financial professionals!

What Is Financial University?

Financial University was created by financial professionals in order to provide you with the education, resources and support necessary to help you create the financial picture that you want and deserve.Ā 

Our vision is to leverage our knowledge and expertise in a way that helps you make sense of the complicated world of finance and investing.Ā 

We believe that the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future can be bridged throughĀ first-classĀ educationĀ and individualized supportĀ throughout your ownĀ financial journey. That is what we are here to provide you.

Why Enroll in Financial University?

We could tell you, but we'd rather let our members speak for us...

We are aware that the traditional education system has done a lousy job of equipping you with the knowledge base that is required in order to successfully navigate through one of life's most important subjects: your finances.

If you feel lost, frustrated or overwhelmed any time the subjects of personal finance or investing come up, we understand how you feel.Ā 

We are here to do something about that.

Our team is here to help you make empowered, educated decisions around your entire financial picture, including your investments.Ā 

The reason most people fail in investing is they lack the knowledge, guidance, and clarity that is required to take advantage of good markets, and survive bad ones. We want you to learn how to take responsible risk in your investing, while you put your hard-earned money to work for you.

Investing is only one part of your financial picture, however. We want to support you in building out your entireĀ financial picture, that way you are confident that all of your bases are covered. Our main goal is to provide you with the confidenceĀ and assuranceĀ that so many people desire, but struggle to attain.

No more guessing. No more doubting. Just clarity and direction.Ā 

Financial University is designed to give you the framework and perspective to discover what really matters to you, and how to start taking action to bring it to fruition.

Our programs include in-depth educational videos from our instructors and downloadable content, along with quizzes to ensure you are truly learning the material.

We believe there is power in community. That's why we designed our platform to serve as its own social network. As a member of our platform, you'll have the ability to make meaningful connections with others that have similar goals, questions and interests as you.

Is Financial University Right For Me?

While we believe in our ability to provide many people with life-changing education, support and guidance, we also know that our platform is not suitable for everyone.

We value the community and platform we are building, and the people in it. We only want to take on the rightĀ type of person.

If you are looking for the following things, Financial University is notĀ for you:

  • "Get rich quick" investing strategiesĀ (As you'll learn, real investing and real wealth creation takes time)
  • Foreign Exchange/Cryptocurrency trading/etc.Ā (We're here to teach you how to invest, not speculate)

If you find value in the following things, Financial University ISĀ or you:

  • First-Class Financial Literacy Education via In-depth video content, relevant articles, research, downloadable content, quizzes, etc. all designed to make sure you are developing the knowledge and skill set required to become your own financial advisor.
  • Direct access to financial professionalsĀ that are here to support you and answer your questions
  • A community with its own appĀ which allows you to learn, network and grow without distractions from other social media platforms.
  • An affordable membership modelĀ that does not cause you to break the bank, like most online programs do in today's environment. Cancel any time.

Meet Your Instructors

Jose Hernandez, CRPCĀ©

Jose is a financial professional with a background in wealth management and financial planning. Ā 

Before founding Financial University, he was a financial advisor for one of the country's top investment advisory firms.

He is branded as "The Millennial Money Mentor" on social media. His vision is to serve others through his passion for education and financial literacy.

Jose holds the FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses, along with the Life, Accident and Sickness license in his home state. He also holds the Variable Products license in his home state.

Jose specializes in: financial literacy education, employer sponsored plans, equity compensation, & individualized financial planning.Ā 

What People Have Said About Jose:Ā 

"[Jose] delivers old fashioned, reliable, client-focused service and support to his clients. Very consistent. If he says he will call or follow-up, he will. he builds trust and demonstrates integrity. I enjoy working with him and and hearing his ideas for how to move forward."Ā -Ā Melanie B, former wealth management client

"Jose is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financial planning. [In his time as an advisor] he put together a custom tailored plan for my business and my family that put so many great things into perspective. Without Jose's help, I would still be shooting in the dark. His work is thorough and extremely reliable. 2 attributes I hold in high regard when looking to hire on consultants."Ā -Ā Henry Kaminski Jr. "The Brand Doctor"


FinancialProfessional is a online financial media outlet that is aggressively expanding daily. To date the site has a reach of over 700k people across all social media outlets.

FinancialProfessional is dedicated to providing consumers with relevant information and education in the world of finance, investing and business.

Their team has partnered with Financial University to provide you with support, exclusive content and information that will elevate you throughout your financial journey.

What's Included In The Membership?

As a member of Financial University, you will have access to:

  • A platform designed to help you learn at your own pace that can be accessed via desktop or its own mobile app depending on your own preferencesĀ 
  • Over 24 hours of easy-to-follow, guided video lessons, spanning across different courses, covering everything from investing basics, to fundamental analysis & research, portfolio management & more
  • Supportive quizzes and tools designed to help you not only learn the material but apply it in a way that actually matters in your own financial picture
  • A community of like minded individuals, all looking to learn and grow personally and financially
  • Financial professionals with real industry experience that are available to answer your questions and provide you with the support you needĀ 
  • Loads of supportive material, resources, downloadable content, calculators & tools designed to help you develop a real strategy around your entire financial pictureĀ 
  • Curated articles and updates to help you stay up to date with the markets, economy and everything you should know as it relates to your financesĀ 
  • Everything you need to learn the ins and outs of personal finance and investing
  • & Much More!


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If you've always wanted the opportunity to learn how to make informed and responsible decisions with your investments and your whole financial picture, Financial University is for you.

If you've always been looking for the financial literacy education that you should've received in school, Financial University is for you.

If you're ready to start taking control of your financial situation, and begin building the financial future that you want and deserve, Financial University is for you.

"An investment in education pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin